Julien Marchand - Father, Business Coach and Entrepreneurial Expert

Julien Marchand - Father, Business Coach and Entrepreneurial Expert

By Madhu Sundararajan

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Welcome back to another episode of the "Perfect Pitch Show" where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders/entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful startup journey.

Today on the 'Perfect Pitch Show' we speak to a Manly based entrepreneur and co-founder of Micro Skills Academy, Julien Marchand; who is also the Post Graduate Entrepreneurship Course Co-ordinator at UTS and host of the "Future Proof You Podcast" for working dads.


A Day in the life of Julien Marchand

As a life coach, Julien helps Dads balance between work and family duties. Additionally, he teaches them entrepreneurial skills also.

He believes that for Dads to be efficient, they should create time for themselves first. To achieve this, he starts his day with a bike ride and then followed by a swim at the beach before doing a workout. 

The second priority is creating time for his family; here, Julien spends some quality time with his kids after his workout routine.

Lastly, on a Dad's priority list is work. For Julien, this is after he has dropped his kids at school. Here he engages different people, including clients, friends and personal work. He wraps his day by surfing.  What a day, what a life!


As an entrepreneur, how do you grow a business from scratch?

According to Julien, startup success depends majorly on the field one is venturing into and if it aligns with what you like doing. To expand on this Julien narrates his earlier gig of developing Apple applications which suited his young age at that time. Currently, he is a Dads' life coach as he spends more and more time with his kids.  He further combines this with his career at the university and entrepreneurship and finds exchanging skills between these fields more convenient and easy.


The art of reflection

Julien believes that one should always reflect and see the progress they have made. Reflections help a person to see both sides of the coin. It helps one to pinpoint a problem, a solution, and new opportunities. Additionally, reflection helps one identify lessons from mistakes and achievements before trying again. He advises people to try Gibbs framework


Biggest Mistake

Well, according to Brandon, the biggest mistake he has ever made is developing a product before testing it in the market. It is from this mistake that he has learned to check a product before developing it. A test should determine if the market is sufficient and viable.


What is the best advice?

Julien advises entrepreneurs that 'you should not do alone what you can do with others.’ To expand this, he urges people to identify people in their circles who have the same ideas as them. Additionally, he advises young entrepreneurs to seek mentorship and even coaches’ advice. This, as he explains, will guide you through the hard times as they are a constant source of motivation and guidance.

What makes a great founder? Julien believes that to be a good entrepreneur one has to have determination. Such founders never give up and will keep a straight head after failure, and they will try again. Additionally, great founders can multi-task and venture into various fields efficiently.

Generally, Julien advises everyone to make self-care a priority in their life.  It's only when you are well that you can take care of your family and get the most out of your time.

Starting a business with limited resources like a regional area can be hard, but improvisation and collaboration with other people can solve most of these challenges. For instance, you can bootstrap to get working space and exchanging service in return.

Fortunately, for regional startups, online platforms such as Runway virtual provide a platform for founders to meet like-minded people and get advice from them online.


How can you help Julien?

Julien runs a podcast where he talks, mentors and exchanges ideas with working dads on how best to balance between work and family. The platform is called 'WORKING DAD', and he seeks support we can share it to reach as many dads as possibles.

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