Jason Atkins from Cake on making equity the simplest aspect of your startup!


Jason Atkins from Cake on making equity the simplest aspect of your startup!

By Kiranjeet Kaur


Welcome back to another episode of The Perfect Pitch Show, where Brandon Burns sits down with Jason Atkins, the CEO of Cake Equity. It’s not just Cake; Jason’s career has been significant with a huge range of experience in the business management domain, over the past twenty years. He has experience working with international MNCs and start-up level ventures in Australia and Europe. During his tenure, Jason has been associated with various leadership projects and business endeavours.

Jason started his business with an enthusiasm to helping entrepreneurs both locally and across the globe. He is on a mission to streamline the way that start-ups and scale-ups generate capital. Talking about life apart from his profession, Jason is very much a family man. He has  a great passion for technology and surfing.


Cake: an all-encompassing solution 

During the interview, Jason threw light on how, starting with legal professionals, accelerators, to business people, Cake has been empowering all, by conveying the value of the unique benefits of Cake. As the name suggests, their aim is to turn equity into a simple affair, very much like a piece of cake. Whether it’s about raising capital in the quickest possible time or handling the investing groups, Jason and the entire team at Cake are dedicated to helping the clients all the way.   


Boosting confidence in funding

The best part about the entire interview was Jason’s views on startup funding. In this context, he cited their registry (which is very much cloud-based), ensuring the process is made swifter and more efficient. No denial about the fact that raising funding for a start-up may take an extensive period. But, upon making the services streamlined and strategic on the Cake platform, Jason states about how they have enabled businesses in raising lucrative funds in the quickest possible fashion.   


No bar in terms of venture types

Key take away of the episode is that Cake is equally effective for all types of ventures when it comes to equity management. Be it about smarter capital raising, handling investors, or empowering the team, Jason explains how businesses can be benefitted through Cake. 


Strategic enough to raise money

One interesting point Jason cites is how Cake enables businesses to having smarter access for their accountants and lawyers through the app, providing all high-end specs, ranging from e-signing, file storage, legal advisory, and most distinguishing in-app communication.


Beneficial for the entire team

Jason explains how, through Cake, one can make the most of the establishment of the Employee Share Scheme. It really does work well to provide transparency for internal team members as well as prospective external stakeholders.


Streamlining the record-keeping

It’s apparent that record-keeping is much simpler as a task than imagined. With Cake, there is no need for any spreadsheets or numerous editions of the same document. Jason makes it clear that the cloud-based share registry addresses the entire calculation affairs and maintains the equity transactions impeccably.  


It’s all in our hand!

The interview provided valuable tips on problem-solving, enjoying mutual growth, and above all, to excel through creativity. In this context, Jason demonstrates these qualities and how Cake have addressed numerous global issues. Jason also shares how accomplishing it’s been to work with some thoroughly motivated professionals and how it is incredibly humbling.  


Valuing leadership

Jason values leadership, passion and the desire to achieving enduring success. The most crucial thing he emphasized, is ensuring each person in an enterprise stays assured about financial perspectives and confident. 


Final Words

It is evident through the episode that businesses can be portrayed in an attractive manner to potential investors, with the right organization and clarity around their numbers. Powered by Cake, there are enough examples to depict the way business groups make finance decisions easy and handle the investors with utmost efficacy. It ensures that one can be enthusiastic and professionally impeccable as well to handle transactions perfectly to win the trust of the investors thoroughly. Above all, Cake can be the simplest, swiftest, and the most cost-effective way of achieving successful investment.     


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