Angel Investor John Weste is Driven by Connecting and Assisting Investors and Founders Along Their Business Journey

Apr 03, 2020

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Angel Investor John Weste is Driven by Connecting and Assisting Investors and Founders Along Their Business Journey
By Julie Lam 

Thanks for tuning into another episode of the “Perfect Pitch Show” Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.

Today we are excited to welcome a special guest with over 30 years of experience within the business industry, John Weste. John’s extensive background includes executive roles in internationally recognised consulting and advisory firms.  John is currently a partner of C2 Angels and C2 Ventures through C2 Capital. Through a collaborative effort, partners around the world are building and growing their start up and small enterprise businesses. Through C2 Capital and their resources, such as their team of readily available investment, capital property development and marketing professionals, John helps businesses build growth and obtain capital. As a partner at C2 Angels, John is part of a community of 200 angel investors who co-invest in start-ups and provide the funding needed to become a globally competitive business.


What is C2 Angels?

Over the last 10 years, John has been working with start-ups and small enterprises to build new businesses and to develop existing businesses. His most recent venture is becoming a partner with C2 Angels. This subsidiary has been in development for almost 2 years, and with John now on board are well-equipped to invest in small start-ups. C2 Angels is an investment network seeking to grow small enterprises into an internationally competitive company. C2 Angels are assembling 200 Angel investors looking to invest up to $200,000. This equates to a capital pool of $40 million that will primarily be dedicated to start-ups as seed capital or early stage capital.  

C2 Angel enables investors to develop vital tools and gain applicable knowledge essential to the industry with their Masterclass program. Unlike many other investment networks, C2 Angel actively encourages and offers investors the opportunity to engage with peers, founders and educational resources.  Angel investors can play proactive roles including as an advisor, consultant, or as a member of the board. Rather than play a passive role, Angel investors can be a part of the start-up process.  

C2 Angels believes there are 4 main fields that are ripe for growth:

  1. FinTech – According to John, up to 87% of employees never receive financial planning advice due to lack of capital and education. They are specifically interested in businesses that can provide the tools and technologies that enable individuals to manage their wealth.
  2. HealthTech – Through the C2 Capital incubated company, UmbrellaHealth, John is interested in the provision and management of services that are more accessible to the general population. They recognise that it is exceptionally difficulty for people to keep track of their health issues and are seeking solutions to resolve this issue.
  3. FoodTech – to improve production and development of food for growing populations, including Australia and overseas. Investment in innovative technology in this industry is essential to provide a sustainable agricultural model and retain a competitive edge.  
  4. Smart Cities – there are incredible investment opportunities around the world. Focus on this type of urban development allows innovation in several areas, including transport, infrastructure, property development, renewable energy, and waste management. 



Throughout John’s years of experience, he has received a plethora of advice. In the past he has hastily dismissed those that did not align with his own judgements or appeared counter intuitive. With hindsight John recognises that doing so has cost him many lucrative opportunities. He would advise the audience to contemplate the advice that they are given. Take time to consider the pros and cons, then proceed accordingly.


Experience as a Returning Expat  

Returning to Australia after several years abroad was followed by a difficult adjustment period for John. He underestimated just how difficult it would be to transition back to the Australian economic sphere and had to entirely rework his approach. It is an experience that many share, according to John 65% of returning expats seriously consider going back overseas. John recommends any who are planning to return to their home country to develop an approach before arrival to encourage a seamless transition, e.g. maintain contact with your contacts and networks when developing an international presence.



When asked about John’s proudest achievements, he fondly remembers his experience and part in helping the many European businesses undergo restructure. These companies were transitioning from a communist regime and needed assistance developing their business management skills. John is honoured to have been involved in the early stages of 3 to 4 businesses who went on to gain international success. The successes of such projects are the motivating factor that drives John to continue in his ventures.  


Final Words

John ends the podcast by reaching out to Angel investors interested in investing in C2 Angel. This may be in the form of equity towards the platform by providing equity to start-ups. John notes that C2 Angels have also been on the lookout for businesses that may have participated in incubator or accelerator programs, have conducted comprehensive market research, a unique value proposition with long term sustainability, and an involved, dynamic team. If you are part of or know of a start-up that meets any part of this criteria, John welcomes you to get in touch.     


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