Revolutionising Healthcare for Those in Most Need All the Way from Australia – Hayden Cooke

Mar 26, 2020

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Revolutionising Healthcare for Those in Most Need All the Way from Australia – Hayden Cooke

By Julie Lam 

Thanks for tuning into another episode of the “Perfect Pitch Show” where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.

Today we are welcoming a special guest who is making waves in the Indian Healthcare industry. An Australian entrepreneur and Co-founder of Digitology Healthtech - Hayden Cooke. Digitology Healthtech is a system developed to improve quality of care for those who desperately need it. In the healthcare industry, there is a shortage of ICU specialists available to operate and provide care to patients in hospitals. Digitology functions by digitally connecting a team of ICUs from a central hub to small-size or regional hospitals who lack the appropriate resources. This system improves accessibility for many hospitals and their patients at a reasonable price. 


How It Works

Digitology Healthtech currently caters to the Indian healthcare market, however opportunities also exist to expand into rural Australia in the future. In India 80% of the healthcare is private. The hospitals are therefore perfectly primed to adopt innovative technology and gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Hayden notes that the early adopters have been middle to high tier private hospitals. By utilising their readily available resources, these larger hospitals have been assigned as the command centres. From small hospitals, the live vitals of the patient and a video link-up is streamed through the Cloud to these centralised hubs. Using the digital media and access to patient records, the teams of ICU specialists can then monitor and care for the patient.    

When asked about how the company generates revenue, Hayden explains that it comes from the sale of their software, the relevant hardware, and fees for the service based on daily use, per bed. To improve affordability for hospitals these fees are stretched over a contract period rather than charged as a lump sum payment. 


Education & Training

One of the major concerns for Hayden is ensuring that appropriate education and training of staff is provided. Healthcare professionals are accustomed to providing support in-person. On the other hand, Digitology allows content to be live-streamed and viewable on mobile devices. In order to aid the adjustment, an extensive training program has been developed to ensure the platform is used appropriately and to its full potential.


The Blessing In Disguise

Hayden deliberated on his response when asked about the mistakes he committed along his journey. He responded that he came from an engineering background, where it was heavily ingrained into his beliefs that failure was inherently bad. When he began his entrepreneurial career, he experienced first-hand that failure was inevitable. Through his journey, he has come to embrace it as a natural pathway to growth and improvement.


The Business Partner

Hayden’s co-founder for Digitology Healthtech is his long-time business partner and friend, Michael Koss. They have accumulated several years of experience together, where their latest venture has opportunely led to incorporating the ideal 3rd partner in India.

Hayden is a strong advocate for incorporating partners in entrepreneurial ventures. Starting a small business independently can often be lonely, isolating and discouraging. He believes most people would benefit from a business partner. Their complimentary strengths and weaknesses help create a synergistic relationship, they are individuals that help grow an idea through productive conversation, and most importantly form a support network.  When contemplating the alternative, he expressed his gratitude and fortune to have a business partner like Michael.


Final Words

There are exciting plans to scale Digitology Healthtech in the next few months. He implores anyone with an interest or connection in the industry to reach out, he would love to get in touch.


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