Lisa Teh Reveals Her Secrets to Success as a Female Specialising in Digital Marketing

Mar 24, 2020

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Lisa Teh Reveals Her Secrets to Success as a Female Specialising in Digital Marketing
By Julie Lam 

Welcome back to another episode of the “Perfect Pitch Show” where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.

On today’s episode we welcome the Founder and Director of CODI Agency, Lisa Teh. Lisa originally began her career as a corporate tax lawyer before she shifted into the digital marketing field 5 years ago. Her company, CODI Agency, is a content and digital marketing agency based in Collingwood, Victoria. She is also a best-selling author, having written hugely successful works “Australian Style” and “Australian Beauty”, and the podcast host of “In Conversation With Creatives”. Recently, Lisa joined LinkedIn, where she is also posting new content daily.


A Day in The Life

Lisa’s mornings begin at 5:15AM. By 5:30AM she is attending her F45 workout session, which she attends about 4 times a week. At 7AM-7:30AM she arrives to work and begins shooting her daily LinkedIn video. After which varies daily, but typically includes meeting new clients and creators, generating organic social content, collaborating with influencers, and web development. Lisa understands the experience of working with business owners who are more interested in the glamour of the title rather than putting in the effort to grow their success, and so she tackles each day with an inspirational passion. The goal is to encourage her hard-working team to continue their impressive performance.  


The Team

Lisa attributes CODI Agency’s major strength to her passionate team, their expertise, and their tendency to go above and beyond for the clients. As a company, Lisa encourages the team to continually explore innovative marketing strategies.

Lisa also commends her operations manager, Lana Malouf. Scaling is often difficult for digital marketing agencies, and it can be tough to maintain a balance between flexibility to suit the client’s preferences and developing standardised processes, but Lana manages to strike a sustainable balance. In addition, Lisa understands feeling ‘like a number’ during her experience as a corporate lawyer, an outcome that frequently accompanies scaling. For this reason, she places considerable emphasis on creating a positive, encouraging work culture.  



Small business owners and entrepreneurs are advised to connect to like-minded people. This is especially prudent for those who are isolated and in remote regional areas. Lisa recommends resources such as LinkedIn to reach out to successful entrepreneurs or those who are at a similar stage in their business. Doing so is an invaluable opportunity to develop one’s business network and develop a sense of community. She also recommends posting regular content to express progress and struggles, as well as receive helpful advice. Social media can also be used to directly reach out to the potential target market and generate leads. Regardless of the field or industry, dedicating time and effort to building one’s social media presence is worthwhile and ultimately a free resource.


Advice for Getting into Sales

For those that are unnerved by the thought of generating sales, Lisa recommends considering the situation from a human perspective. She personally loves helping people, which intuitively leads her to identify the key issues that her clients face, and then develop a solution for their problem. If she is unable to resolve their issue, she will refer them onto the appropriate people. Lisa recommends those considering entering the Sales field to do their research, read literature, talk to people, and find out the skillsets that are appropriate for them. Ultimately, if the individual cannot sell their product or service, they cannot expect anyone else to do so.


The Good & The Bad

A key piece of advice that Lisa recommends to all entrepreneurs and business owners is to “let go of your own ego”. Be open to feedback and criticism and take on advice from experts that could improve the business. It can be difficult to receive negative feedback with a welcome attitude, but it is important to not be offended and take comments personally.  

A point of concern that Lisa often sees in the industry is entrepreneurs rushing into raising capital without a proper plan on how they will distribute funds. It is considered by Lisa to be overly glamourous, and she warns others to be conscientious before entering this phase. Once investors are brought on, the stakes are raised considerably. Each dollar spent will then be scrutinised heavily. If timed incorrectly, bringing on investors may unintentionally have detrimental effects to the business.

Lisa also recommends against “chasing the dollar”. If one enters entrepreneurship with the sole intent and expectation of generating revenue, they are unlikely to be able to withstand through tough times. When starting a business, the owner may not receive an income for years, and so Lisa advises re-evaluating expectations before deciding to act.


Final words

Lisa would like to reach out to anyone in the audience who needs help with digital marketing. She welcomes small start-ups to medium size companies to get in contact.


You can learn more about Lisa and Codi Agency here:

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