Entrepreneurs Can Change the World. Thomson & Scott Founder Amanda Thomson Shares Her Success Story

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Entrepreneurs Can Change the World. Thomson & Scott Founder Amanda Thomson Shares Her Success Story
By Lauren Fowkes

Here we have another article from the “Perfect Pitch Show” where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey. 

Today’s society is obsessed with what we’re eating and what we’re putting in our bodies, aiming to be fit and healthy but many of us love a drink from time to time. We don’t, however, stop to look at what’s in our bottles of wine, do we?  

Amanda Thomson is the CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, has made it her goal to be truthful about what is in her wine and most importantly, make it organic and sustainable. Recently, Amanda has taken a step further and created the first organic, vegan and alcohol-free sparkling wine “Noughty”. She has achieved incredible feats in the wine industry and has opened up to us about her plan to take her brand further, aiming for a partnership to bring it here to Australia! Amanda is passionate about delivering the truth and being completely transparent about what goes into a bottle of her wine and hopes that more brands will make the switch and produce organic wine. 

To our regional Victorians, we hope Amanda’s story will motivate you and prove that entrepreneurs can change the world. Her dream is to impact the world, inspiring and changing the industry to a more sustainable system and bringing back the beauty of wine. 


Transparency and Sustainability with Thomson & Scott 

Amanda wanted to party but wanted to feel good in the morning, but the wine industry had taken a bad turn. We are unaware of what goes into a bottle of wine, and part of it is because there isn’t any proper labelling on most bottles. We’re unaware of how much sugar goes into a bottle, how many harmful chemicals we’re ingesting when we’re trying to have a fun night or a casual drink. This is something Amanda wants to change and therefore she stressed the importance of transparency with her brand.  

In 2020 industries such as fast fashion are ruining the economy and more importantly, they’re not sustainable. Unbeknown to most wine drinkers, is that the champagne and wine industry has taken the same term and faded out the traditional methods of making wine. Amanda’s always said she wants to “drink beautifully or not drink at all” at her brand is the definition of beautiful drinking, returning to these old means of producing wine to create an elegant tasting, organic champagne. She found it was difficult to be in the wine industry and make your product organically, and this shocked her when she first started her business, opening her eyes to the problems the industry is facing.  


Marketability with Provocative Products 

Amanda knew that in order to shake the world with her product and cut through the market she would need something that was provocative. Amanda had to reach out to the CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne) the old Champagne Governing body. She campaigned to them for the permission to use the word “skinny” alongside the word “champagne” because this has never been done. This was the provocative element she needed to take her brand to where she wanted it to go, and when they agreed she got the world asking the important questions. “How much sugar goes into your wine?” The term “skinny champagne” and a delicious and sustainable product made Amanda’s efforts going viral. 

But first, she needed the product. Amanda was passionate about making the perfect champagne and made that her first goal, reaching out to high quality champagne makers in order to make this a reality. The maker she contacted was well known for making zero-dosage champagne, which is champagne with no sugar, and asked him to make some to her recipe. Now she had the perfect campaign and the perfect product, the rest was easy from there. 


Biggest Achievement and How That Impacted Thomson & Scott 

Amanda was recognised as one of the Top 100 Coolest People in Food and Drink by the American publication Business Insider. As a result, Amanda was contacted by interested partners in other countries such as South Africa and New Zealand because they had read the article. It had an amazing impact on her business and the feeling of having excited partners come to her was indescribable. She learned not to underestimate how small the world is, we are all connected thanks to the internet and social media. It’s so easy to talk to people from across the globe and get your message across, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and start a movement. We are lucky to have so many platforms to connect with audiences, from using Instagram to market product and bring in business, talking to people on Twitter and Facebook, and making business connections on LinkedIn. It’s a fantastically amazing time to be an entrepreneur.  

Recognition is a great way to gain capital, so Amanda tells our audience not to be afraid to talk about your achievements or the awards you’ve won. Advertise them on your sites, your social medias and the platforms mentioned above. It’s a great way to show the world your brand and bring it to their attention.  


Turning Failure into Opportunity 

Failure doesn’t have to mean the end, but unfortunately sometimes it does. Amanda makes mistakes, as does every entrepreneur, living and learning from them every day. So don’t be afraid to be moving, Amanda has learned that entrepreneurs are lucky to always be on the next trajectory and sometimes it’s hard to even look back and see if something you did or something you tried was a mistake. Sometimes these mistakes can have a bad result, and failure is scary. Amanda tries to look at the positive side of every situation, even failure. She believes that even if your endeavours don’t take of the way you want them to, or comes to an untimely end, you can use your experiences to guide the others that come next. Every mistake and error are opportunities to learn and a chance to aid someone else preventing them from making the same misstep.  

You will learn a lot as an entrepreneur, and sometimes it can be scary. But failure can breed another success, another opportunity and even the smallest things can make an impact. Amanda recalled a metaphor she heard from Jacqueline de Rojas the President of Tech UK detailing that annoying mosquito in the room when you’re trying to sleep at night, keeping you up and making an impact on you in that moment even though it’s so small. Entrepreneurs are in the perfect position to make these impressions on the world and change it for the better. 


Help Bring Thomson & Scott to Australia 

Amanda’s fundamental ask to our audience is simple, she wants to bring the brand here and would love any help in doing so. Her ideal partner doesn’t have to fit into a certain category as there are different models around the world depending on the personality of her partners. The most ideal thing, however, is that the person or people she partners with can distribute and ship the product themselves. Her partners in New Zealand, Red and White Cellars, are able to ship the product and sell it while Amanda works with them to support the brand. It doesn’t need to be a big retail opportunity that is pumping out lots of stock, as long as it builds on premise even a small retail will get the buss going. 

She is open and public about talking to people herself, eliminating any middle man between you and herself, so if you wish to contact Amanda you can email her at amanda@thomsonandscott.com and you can find more links to contact her below. 


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