Do You Need a muMEcation? Alison Smith Talks About Being a Woman in Business, Starting Her Own Company and the Importance of Collaboration


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Do You Need a muMEcation? Alison Smith Talks About Being a Woman in Business, Starting Her Own Company and the Importance of Collaboration
By Lauren Fowkes

Welcome to our “Perfect Pitch Show” where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.

Today we are proud to introduce Alison Smith, Founder of muMEcations, a passionate mother of two daughters she understands the importance of taking the necessary time to relax and get a break from daily mum-duties. Alison and her company are based in Geelong, Vic, Australia and has been taking part in our Start-up Incubator program. She has over 12 years of retail and corporate travel and has carried these skills over to further her own goals and aspirations.

During her interview Alison was very open with us and discussed her motivations and experience in managing growth and expanding her own business. She is dedicated to working with women for women and creating an accessible revenue for mothers and carers to rest and rejuvenate with like minded individuals.


Her Vision

As mentioned, Alison has over 12 years’ experience with retail and commercial travel having previously worked with not for profit organisations where she would organise weekend getaways for young adults living with disabilities. Through this work she connected with the families of these young people and she found that often times the primary carers and mothers of these young persons would need or want a vacation of their own. Coupled with her own experiences as a mother and getting the chance to take some time for herself the idea for muMEcations was born. Alison began to dedicate her time and resources into building a support network and a chance for mothers like her to get that break that they need.

muMEcations was established as an opportunity for mothers and primary carers to get away for a weekend or extended holiday within Australia. Her business is set apart from the usual health retreats by tailoring the trip to mothers who just need a break, some Me time. Her vision was to create an experience that encourages downtime and social connection for groups of mothers and individuals, allowing them to participate in activities of their choosing. Alison believes it is important for Mums to remember that it is okay to take time out to focus on your own health and well-being and is determined to create a safe space for them to do so. muMEcations has various packages including accommodation, spa and dining experiences in a calm and soothing environment, encouraging her guests to focus on themselves with an ‘all about me’ mentality.

Alison can also offer customised getaways and itineraries for members of a group who want to travel together. She is passionate about getting as many mothers as she can to come on her trips or to at least be inspired to book their own well-deserved vacation.


Women in Business

Alison is passionate about working together with other aspiring businesswomen and Mums in business and providing an avenue of support for them. She has recently become a coordinator for the Mums in Business Association, which was founded in the UK but now expands across nine countries. Alison coordinates events and monthly catchup sessions in and around the Surf Coast Shire, Vic, Australia for the local women. Through this organisation, Alison loves to organise networking events for mothers wanting to meet like-minded people and receive or provide some mentoring assistance to those in need. She has met and collaborated with some amazing people through this avenue and would love to incorporate more women in business.

When organising her muMEcation trips, Alison loves to use this opportunity to reach out to other businesswomen and combine their efforts. On her recent trip to Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia, she was able to contact and collaborate with another women who owns her own day spa to provide the treatments for the women on that trip. She encourages any women wanting to collaborate with her to get in contact and to join the Mums in Business Association group on Facebook to meet and team up with more local women in business in the area. The group is MIBA Surf Coast Shire or contact Alison directly and she will be able to point you in the right direction.


Future Goals and How We Can Help

We asked Alison how our community may able to help her and muMEcations reach the goals she has set in place for the future. She outlined her desire to be able to provide subsidised costs for mothers who have additional barriers and difficulty accessing these programs, such as those who are primary carers for children living with a disability, families effected by cancer, and other hardships that they may be facing. In order to achieve this, Alison emphasised the importance of sponsorship from larger corporations in order to be able to provide this extra support to the mothers who need it. She hopes to continue to expand her business to include those mothers who need an extra helping hand to grasp that opportunity.

Continuing on from Alison’s earlier enthusiasm to work with and unite women and Mums in business, she is open to collaborating with other businesses and invites any like-minded individuals and women to reach out to her and open up that conversation. Alison also loves to provide her Mums with personal gifts after her trips, giving them a chance to take some “Mum only” gifts with them when they return home. She is keen to talk to any individuals or companies who may be interested in donating gifts for this purpose. Alison is eager to partner with those who share a similar drive and desire to extend this service and make it even more accessible for those who need it.


If you identify with Alison and want to get in touch with her you can reach her on these avenues:

Facebook - muMEcations
Facebook - MIBA Surf Coast Shire Group
Runway Virtual

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