From the Royal Flying Doctor Service to helping stranded Aussies all around the world!

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From the Royal Flying Doctor Service to helping stranded Aussies all around the world!

By Madhu S

Meet Erin Lord one half of – Aeromedical solutions

Welcome back to our "Perfect Pitch Show" news where Brandon Burns, Head of Community - Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs in their respective fields about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.   


In this article, we break down the stories from our interview with Erin Lord , Director of Business Development, Aero Medical Solutions. Erin manages the client relationships and business development strategy and has got more than 12 years of experience in the aeromedical space including her work with the Royal flying doctor service. Erin has got extensive experience in cultural change and business process improvement. Solving business problems and making the most of her network is what keeps Erin motivated every day.


During our interview, Erin shares heart touching stories of her customers. We believe these discussion topics will help start-ups in regional Victoria with tips & tricks in setting up small businesses. Our breakdown of Erin’s insights begins with the introduction of her business. 



Elevator pitch of Aeromedical Solutions



Erin says, Aeromedical Solutions is the only medical repatriation brokering service in Australia which aims to take the complexities out of a situation you never want to be in - being overseas or interstate, under or uninsured, unwell or injured. Erin continues, the mission of Aeromedical Solutions is to reduce the vulnerability of her clients by providing solutions that ensure the best care is given at the most competitive cost.  With over 12 years of experience in the aeromedical industry, the team at the Aeromedical Solutions have partnered with over 100 aeromedical providers around the world that are vetted and they trust. Erin and her team were able to achieve significant savings for her customers by utilising patient pooling opportunities and empty return legs.


Unique value proposition

Erin narrates, a familiar story of “someone overseas on the adventure of a lifetime and they are overcome by illness or involved in an accident. Their insurance won't cover them, they're away from home, the quality of care is unknown, large costs are looming and their friends and family are on the other side of the world while they recover. In this situation, typical response would be for people to call up the department of foreign affairs & trade only to realise that the department would not bear the burden of the cost.

Erin and her business partner Steve Mclaren’s strong network through their work at the Royal Flying Doctor Service helps patients with the best possible care at an affordable price.


North star

Erin has an audacious goal to position Aeromedical solutions to as many insurance providers as possible. This would include Aeromedical solutions being part of every response every insurance company has to its customers. Erin says, the tender process would get seriously interesting and making the insurance market wide open to get the best deal for the customers.


Display 10x growth

Aeromedical Solutions make money by charging commission to the patients who need to be repatriated Erin says. The lessons learnt through the Royal Flying Doctor Service has a great impact on the operating model and service offering for Aeromedical Solutions. The service offered by the Royal Flying Doctor Service did not cater to the needs of what the patients would need for all the repatriation cases. Erin continues narrating a story of a grand father needing to bring a grandson home. Erin says, this was a case where Aeromedical solutions needed to act as it clearly calls for a service. Erin concludes that she wanted to expand across New Zealand and South Pacific customers which will be a great cultural fit for her to know about local people.


Best and worst of advices received

When asked about the best advice she has received, Erin was quick to bring in Simon Sinek’s quote “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Worst advice is Erin wanted everything to be perfect at all times. Erin continues, when she started the Gippsland program, the ideas she got from friends, family and through the survey via surveymonkey was invaluable. Her suggestion is ‘just make a start’.


The ask

The ask from Erin is very simple – introductions to the hospitals. Erin feels her Return on Investment (ROI) is very compelling which the hospitals and insurance providers cannot ignore.


Biggest positive and biggest mistake

Biggest positive for Erin is introductions from Runway HQ to insurance companies. Biggest mistake for trusting a legal firm’s capability. Erin narrates that she trusted a big law firm and paid huge sum of money, however without prior medical and aviation background they failed miserably to understand the need of Aeromedical Solutions.


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